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Security rating

We are known to insurance companies who are giving discounts especially in the London area, we are not affiliated to any brand if the insurance company does not offer discounts they possibly are.

We looked to get ours registered or endorsed by the police the body you have to submit too for this charge thousands of pounds and need to check each product we are low volume bespoke so not a cost we can pass on. Our customers have been able to get discounts from their insurance companies who are keen to promote security. Cold hard steel is the best start and ours are double the thickness and then we use locks that the trade use to protect their livelihoods their tools, No unit out there with modern battery operated tools can stop a determined thief but ours will slow them down. Security is endless a big ground anchor and chain along with an alarm ramps it up higher (we can fit our unit over a pre installed anchor free of charge) we dont supply an alarm because we don’t want a potential thief to be able to check out our website to plan his methods.

Can I have one taller than 6ft Yes we can fabricate up to 2000mm high thats 6ft 6 3/4″ There is a suplemt charge as anything over 6ft poses extra handling problems

Whats Galvanising

Created a page that goes into detail http://armadilloboxes.co.uk/galvanise/

Can I turf the roof  Yes we make skirts to enable you to sedium turf the roof.

I already have a ground anchor No problem we can cut metal floor and wood subfloor (free of charge)  to enable unit to sit over the top so you can use any ground anchor you wish concrete it in and we will accommodate it.

Do we take credit card payment We can arrange this facility as it helps our customers spread the cost, We do prefer cash or payment direct to bank as these carry no bank charges and are fraud free. We do not take card payments via our website so carry no risk of data being hacked.

Can they be bolted down?  Yes every box has a galvanised steel floor that can be screwed through to secure (Wooden floor units still have the steel base please see wooden floor page) However when you consider the standard M/C units are substantial and weigh in at around 34 stone without the wooden floor motorcycle or scooter its not going to be moved. Update we recently moved a competitors shed and was shocked at just how light these are no wonder these need bolting down they weigh about the same as our door. Because our units are substantial in their own right we do not provide a fixing down service this needs a different set of tools and a pre assembly visit to examine substrate so better done by local trade person or yourself if you still think its necersary.

Can they be painted?  Yes we recommend Hammerite smooth goes on easily with a roller one coat usually does it Painting is only for looks not necessary for weather protection the boxes look impressive best to just let them alone

Do we paint them? No it’s much better done on site anything done through the workshop has the overheads of the workshop on plus we may scratch it and you will paint over bolt heads.

How far does the door open? Full half circle 180 degrees

Can we put in ventilation?  Yes it has vent panels to promote air circulation the units are not airtight there is a gap top and bottom of the door this is why we don’t fit seals to the door however guttering on front deflects water away from the door and wood floor is sealed around the door.

How do I pay?  We take your details and the box details we then email or post an invoice which also acts as a receipt so you can confirm details.  We then need a deposit by cheque or direct to bank to take it as a confirmed order and book into our workshop, remainder is payable cash on delivery or direct to bank or credit card.

How long does it take? This all depends on how busy the Workshop is usually less than two weeks made and delivered.

Does the standing need to be level and consistent? All our boxes are very rigid and all have pressed galvanised metal floors if your standing is uneven we make structural wooden floors that bolt in to make the floor so strong it can stand on gravel and grass no other box is capable of this.