Wooden floor

Structural wooden Sub floor this is an extra at £50, not a necessity if your box is on hard standing but is anti slip so advisable

OSB3 is the best form of wood to use for floors its used by everyone in the industry its relatively cheap and very strong however floors do require maintenance if its getting continuously wet seal using sealant varnish or lacquer or exterior paint.

Full details below

This is made from 18mm thickness exterior OSB wood and this is bolted to the galvanised 1.2mm steel floor

OSB3 is a versatile and durable building board. Its construction is similar to that of Plywood, with opposing-orientation of wood fibres that creates rigidity and strength. OSB has superb load-bearing properties, excellent cross dimensional stability and an attractive wood patterned finish, its glue also repels insects. 80% of flat roofs now use osb

We bolt this into threaded sections of the floor which makes the floor very rigid and enables the floor to be replaced easily.

Boxes With the structural floor in place are so strong they can be put on grass or gravel. Our boxes are the only boxes rigid enough to enable you to do this. please note even though the weight is spread very loose gravel will settle and unit may need to be re levelled if this happens.

We can also supply wooden floor none structural just drop in at cost which is £25 per board we will cut to fit free of charge

Our competitors don’t do structural floor as their units require concrete or slab level subbase so all their wooden floors are drop in not fixed.